Awards Journey


The GRAMMY Awards are Music’s Biggest Night®, but it takes the whole year to get there. Have you ever wondered how the process works? Take a look below as we share the Awards Journey.

Key Dates

  • Oct. 1, 2021 — Sept. 30, 2022

    All eligible awards entries must be released within this timeframe

  • TBD

    The First Round is open to submit entries in the Online Entry Process

  • TBD

    The Final Round is open to submit entries in the Online Entry Process

  • TBD

    The First Round voting period is open for all Voting Members

  • TBD

    Nominations Announcement

  • TBD

    The Final Round voting period is open for all Voting Members

  • TBD

    The 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards Telecast and Premiere Ceremonies

New for 2021

This year, the Recording Academy made several significant changes to the GRAMMY Awards process.

What's Been Changed:

  • Discontinuation Of Nominations Review Committees In General And Genre Fields: Nominations in all of the GRAMMY® Award General and Genre Fields will now be determined by peer-to-peer voting by all Voting Members of the Recording Academy.

  • Reduction In Number Of Categories In Which A Voter May Vote: Voters may now vote in a maximum of 10 Categories within 3 fields, plus in all 4 Categories in the General Field.

  • Craft Category Realignment: 6 Craft Fields are now consolidated into 2 Craft Fields: Package, Notes & Historical Field and Production Field

Online Entry

Recordings have to be submitted during the Online Entry period to be eligible for GRAMMY® consideration.

How It Works:

  • Recording Academy members in good standing and registered media companies submit recordings for GRAMMY consideration through the Online Entry Process.

  • The eligibility period for the 65th GRAMMY Awards is Oct. 1, 2021 – Sept. 30, 2022. Typically, over 20,000 entries are submitted!

  • There are two rounds. The separate entry periods help ensure that our Awards team has time to be responsive to incoming questions and help troubleshoot any issues for people making entries.

Eligibility and Genre Screening

The Recording Academy Awards Department and Screening Committees ensure the 20,000+ entries are in the appropriate categories.

How It Works:

Awards Department Review:

  • The Recording Academy Awards Department reviews each entry to confirm eligibility.

  • Once eligibility has been confirmed, submissions are then sorted by genre-based Screening Committees.

Screening Committees:

  • More than 300 experts across various musical Fields meet to ensure that recordings are placed in the proper Categories. From there, we arrive at the official First Round ballot.


The GRAMMY is the only music award in which nominees and winners are determined solely by creators themselves: the peers of those being judged.

How It Works:

  • First Round voting determines GRAMMY nominees.

  • The Nominations Announcement happens between voting rounds.

  • Final Round voting determines GRAMMY winners.

Who Votes To Determine GRAMMY Winners And Nominees?

  • Nominees and winners are determined solely by Voting Members of the Recording Academy.

  • Voting Members are active creative professionals involved in the recording process, such as performers, songwriters, producers, and engineers.

  • To learn more about the Recording Academy membership process, click here.

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Music’s Biggest Night! GRAMMY winners are announced at the Annual GRAMMY Awards & Premiere Ceremony.


GRAMMY Awards rules evolve each year to reflect what’s happening in music.

How It Works:

  • Members of the Academy may submit proposals year-round (the cutoff for proposals to be considered for the following GRAMMY Awards is March 1).

  • Proposals are debated and voted on by the Awards & Nominations Committee and those that pass go to the Board of Trustees.

  • Proposals that are ratified by the Trustees go into effect immediately for the next GRAMMY Awards.

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