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Music is as integral to New York as the Empire State Building and great pizza. It doesn't matter what neighborhood or what time of day. Music can be heard from Bleecker Street to Lincoln Center; from Broadway to Brooklyn. New York has always been an epicenter for almost every style and genre of music; alternative, dance, jazz, punk, rap, Latin, rock, folk, classical. It's also one of the only cities in the world where the venues are as famous as the artists, CBGB, The Blue Note, The Village Vanguard, The Roxy, Carnegie Hall, Studio 54, and the Apollo Theater.

The New York Chapter not only services the NYC music community but also the music creators who live upstate, northern New Jersey, Boston and all of New England. The Chapter presents an annual slate of programs covering almost every aspect of the industry. Past events have included studio sessions with well-known producers, Up Close and Personal events with artists and industry leaders and networking events designed to inspire collaboration and learning.

Please take a few minutes and explore not only what the New York Chapter is doing, but what all the Chapters have to offer in the way of professional development and opportunities for our members.

Executive Director: Nick Cucci
President: Jennifer Blakeman

The Recording Academy
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